Miscarriage & Birth Control

Treating recurrent miscarriages – with NaPro Dr. Susan Caldwell, fertility and infertility specialist, on Trending with Timmerie.  (1:48)  Why and how you should push back against physicians who prescribe birth control.  What to say. (26:15)  PMS questions (38:40)

Resources mentioned : 

Dr. Susan Caldwell 


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Find a Creighton Fertility Care Instructor https://mycatholicdoctor.com/providers/fertility-educator/sl-creighton/ 


Book: Physicians Healed – One More Soul


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Contraception: Why Not? (catholiceducation.org)

“Sex Au Natural” by Patrick Coffin


Dr. Lara Briden Period Repair Manual: https://www.larabriden.com/period-repair-manual/

Lara Briden – The Period Revolutionary

Book Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole 


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