The Escalating Border Crisis in Texas (Special Podcast Highlight)

Patrick Madrid gives you in-depth perspective on the escalating border crisis in Texas. Governor Abbott’s bold stand, provoked by an unconstitutional invasion, has drawn support from multiple states, highlighting the urgency of border control and raising questions about federal inaction. The podcast is brimming with passion, reality checks, and a reminder of the complex layers behind today’s headlines. 

Operation Lone Star. This operation is an ongoing, informal initiative in the great state of Texas, grappling with a situation described as nothing short of an invasion.

The Core Issue: Texas Governor Abbott, faced with the challenge of managing the influx of migrants – millions over time, from diverse regions like China, Africa, and the Middle East – seeks to use the National Guard for border control. Yet, he finds himself at odds with the federal government under President Biden, which is perceived as undermining these efforts.

Patrick Madrid’s Perspective: Patrick zooms in on the federal government’s actions, such as removing razor wire on the border. He voices concerns about a potential confrontation between the Texas National Guard and federal troops, drawing historical parallels to the Civil War.

Governor Abbott’s Stance: Citing constitutional breaches by President Biden, Governor Abbott declares a state of invasion, asserting Texas’s right to self-defense. He alleges that the Biden administration has failed to enforce immigration laws, leading to over 6 million illegal crossings in three years.

Diverse Migrant Backgrounds: The discussion touches on the varied origins of migrants, with a focus on young men from non-Latin American countries. Patrick Madrid raises questions about their intentions, hinting at potential security threats.

Alex’s Input: Alex, a caller and a U.S. citizen originally from Mexico, emphasizes the importance of border control for security reasons. He supports building a wall to regulate immigration. Patrick asks him how many non-Latin American immigrants he has noticed, and he wonders if they could have terrorist intentions. 

A Broader View: The conversation extends to other states supporting Texas’s stance, with numerous states reportedly sending National Guard troops to assist. 

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Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.