The Holy Father Speaks Against Surrogacy (The Cale Clarke Show)

You may have heard Pope Francis’ strong words against surrogacy and IVF. If you’re looking for expert Catholic commentary, check out this podcast episode of The Cale Clarke Show for in depth clarity.

Cale interviews Father Robert Gahl to delve into the moral and ethical issues surrounding these reproductive technologies.

Pope Francis delivered his annual address to ambassadors from 184 countries, where he addressed various global issues, including surrogacy. The Pope’s strong stance against surrogacy garnered significant media attention.

Fr. Gahl explains that surrogacy involves a woman signing a contract to carry and give birth to a child on behalf of others, often those from wealthy countries seeking surrogates in economically poor nations. This, he argues, is treating a woman’s body as an object for commerce. Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of upholding human dignity and respecting every person as an image of God, condemning the trafficking of persons involved in surrogacy.

The conversation also touches on IVF, distinguishing between homologous (using gametes from a married couple) and heterologous (using gametes from donors). Both methods, Fr. Robert Gahl explains, have moral and ethical concerns related to the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of life.

Fr. Gahl brings home the importance of recognizing that every child, regardless of how they are conceived, is a gift from God and must be loved as an end in themselves. He acknowledges that some people may have engaged in surrogacy or IVF without initially understanding the moral implications and encourages them to embrace the gift they have received while recognizing the error. Father also discusses practices that are in line with the Church such as the Creighton Method and other supplements that can assist couples in achieving pregnancy through morally licit means.

If you’re struggling to conceive a child, remember that God loves you and that He has amazing plans for you. Never give up praying for a miracle and rest assured that you can rely on the intercession of the saints who are in your corner. Cale mentions that he and his wife struggled with their fertility, and they prayed to the intercession of St. Jose Maria Escriva. They ended up having a daughter!

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