The Patrick Madrid Show: January 01, 2024 – Hour 2

Encore from 12/19/2023

After talking with a firefighter who baptized a suicide victim at the last possible moment, Patrick and Cyrus discuss firefighting and the unique camaraderie found among those in the profession. A caller raises concerns about media misrepresentation of the Vatican’s stance on same-sex unions, prompting a discussion on the importance of interpreting official church documents accurately.

  • Megan – Thank you for reminding us to not be troubled in this. Thank you for being a good male voice for my child to hear!
  • Andrew – I am a fire fighter and last night someone shot himself in the head with a shotgun. I secretly baptized him while I was confirming his death. Was that okay? (03:38)
  • Andre – I would like to provide a positive prospective on what the Church did with the blessing. We don’t need to despair in the Catholic Church.
  • Henry – My wife came into the church recently and the priest said I could make my first communion. Can I go to confession also?
  • Frank – We know Mary never sinned but in Romans it says that ‘all have sinned’. How do we understand this as Catholics?
  • Carol – I went to a priest and asked if my husband and I could get confession and live as brother and sister and the priest said we didn’t have to do that, so what do I do?
  • Julie – From experience I have found it takes a while to gather paper work to get a marriage convalidated. My husband and I got our marriage blessed but it hasn’t been consummated yet. Is it valid still?
  •  Joseph – How should married couples evangelize since they don’t have as much time? (45:15)
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