Why Parables? – January 24, 2024

Bible Study: (3:00)

2 Sm 7:4-17

  • How is David after God’s own heart? 

Mk 4:1-20

  • Why did Jesus speak in parables? 


  • (18:01) – St. Maximilian Kolbe & the Mass
  • (20:28) – Conversion to the faith 
  • (22:40) – Scripture 1 Cor 6:9 question
  • (24:59) – Atheism 
  • (28:06) – Prosperity Gospel or Gospel of poverty

Word of the Day: LOGOS 


  • (36:11) – How to deal w/someone at parish who is distributing holy communion to shut ins.  He is keeping communion over night.  What to do about this?
  • (39:06) – When we pray, we ask God to do something for us.  I’m confused b/c I always pray for conversion of my children.  
  • (41:27) – Question on today’s reading – the mystery of the Kingdom of God –  that they may look and not see?  Could you explain?
  • (43:58) -My parents are divorced and were married through church.  My mom was remarried again civilly and she still takes communion.  How to talk to mom about this? CCC #1457
  • (46:05) – How to connect more w/St. Paul. I read his epistles, and it doesn’t resonate with me. 
  • (47:57) – My son has a major leadership position in the DNC.  Is he living an immoral life having this position, b/c of the DNC on abortion?
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