Did Disney Delete Bible Verses? (Special Podcast Highlight)

In an episode that sounds straight out of a fantasy novel, The Cale Clarke Show took a deep dive into a viral claim swirling around the internet. The buzz? That Disney, the giant behind Mickey Mouse, supposedly bought the rights to the Bible and began deleting verses willy-nilly. Sounds like a plot twist even Frozen didn’t see coming, doesn’t it?

Here’s the scoop: A TikTok user fired up the hype, claiming Disney made a whopping $7.2 billion deal to own the Bible, aiming to produce a Bible series. And then – plot twist – they supposedly axed Matthew 17:21 from the NIV and RSV translations. “This kind of demon does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Vanished!

Cale Clarke references independent scholar Dan McClellan to unravel this mystery. The verdict? Total fantasy. The Bible, a timeless classic, is in the public domain, free for all. The real owner? God himself. The copyrights? Those apply to translations, not the text itself.

Diving deeper, it turns out this whole saga was sparked by a 2018 satirical article from the Babylon Bee, suggesting Disney planned to release 37 Bible sequels (because who wouldn’t want to see “The Christ Awakens”?). Pure satire, folks.

But what about that missing verse, Matthew 17:21? It’s a matter of scholarly consensus, not Disney’s editorial choices. Many translations omit it because, well, it likely wasn’t in the original text. So, no, Disney isn’t pulling a Thanos on Bible verses.

In a twist fit for a Disney movie, the tale of Disney buying the Bible and editing it at will is entirely fictional. It’s a reminder in our fast-paced, digital world, where rumors spread faster than the speed of light, to seek the truth. 

Catch the whole episode here!

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