Fasting, Dogma of Hell, and Holy Water – February 23, 2024

Bible Study: (2:07)

Ez 18:21-28

  • Being a Tzadik

Mt 5:20-26

  • Father describes what it means to be liable to judgement 


  • (21:15) – There was a priest saddened that he wasn’t asked to celebrate a wedding mass

  • (25:08) – Should I fast based on the clock? 

  • (26:00) – We used to empty the holy water during Lent? 

  • (27:04) – Respect during Latin Mass

  • (30:57) – Why would Satan want to kill Jesus? 

Word of the Day: Polycarp (35:19)


  • (38:23) Today’s first reading from Ezekiel seems contradictory

  • (41:32) – When we pray for something, and don’t get that specific thing, but we get something else, how do we know what we get?

  • (43:23) – Why we offer up Christ back up to Jesus during communion

  • (45:58) – Saying the rosary during Lent, is it Glorious on Sundays still?  

  • (47:34) – How should I prepare to read The Dogma of Hell?
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