“How Can I Effectively Confront the LGBT Agenda at My Child’s School?” (Special Podcast Highlight)

You may be a concerned parent as you witness your child’s education being co-opted by the menacing LGBT agenda. What can you do to challenge the school system in a strategic way? Patrick Madrid is here to help in this podcast.

He offers great advice to Anai, a valiant Catholic mom gearing up for a showdown with her daughter’s teacher. Anai’s 16-year-old daughter is facing pressure to complete an assignment that goes against Catholic teachings on sexuality, sparking a fierce defense of faith and family values.

🐻 Mama Bear in Action: With wisdom and wit, Patrick advises Anai to arm herself with the values of tolerance, diversity, and emotional safety—turning the school’s own rhetoric to her advantage. He suggests posing challenging questions to the teacher, ensuring they commit to these principles, thereby protecting her daughter from potential bias or discrimination.

🔄 Turning the Tables: Patrick’s strategy is a masterclass in rhetorical judo, advising Anai to use the language of inclusivity and authenticity to advocate for her daughter’s right to hold and express her beliefs freely. This approach not only safeguards her daughter’s emotional well-being but also holds the school accountable to its own stated values. It puts the teacher on the defense rather than the other way around. 

🎭 Role-Playing for Victory: Encouraging Anai to rehearse her arguments and anticipate responses, Patrick prepares her for a potentially transformative conversation. Keep Anai in your prayers as she gets ready for this daunting conversation! 

In a world where standing up for one’s beliefs can be really scary, remember that with wisdom, courage, and a touch of divine guidance, it’s possible to navigate even the toughest challenges. You are never alone! 

Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.