“How Do I Renounce My Past Involvement in Freemasonry?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

In an enlightening episode of The Patrick Madrid Show, a caller named Mike from Bryan, Texas, sought guidance on how to formally renounce his past involvement in Freemasonry.

Here’s the spiritual game plan Patrick laid out:

  1. Renewal of Baptismal Vows: Renewing baptismal vows, especially during the Triduum, offers a very profound way to reaffirm one’s dedication to the Catholic faith and detach from past masonic ties.
  2. Prayers of Deliverance: While not as intense as an exorcism, prayers of deliverance were recommended to help dispel any residual spiritual attachments that might linger from Freemasonry involvement. This step shows the Church’s care for the faithful, offering protection and liberation from any negative influences.
  3. Confession: This would be essential! Confessing the involvement with Freemasonry allows for reconciliation with God and the Church. It’s a healing step towards breaking free from sin and starting with a clean slate.
  4. Disposal of Masonic Items: Lastly, getting rid of any Freemasonry paraphernalia (rings, regalia, etc.) is crucial. This physical act of discarding items associated with Freemasonry symbolizes a clear break from its influence and a step towards spiritual purity.
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