Judgement! – February 26, 2024

Bible Study: (2:21)

Dn 9:4b-10

  • Why is the face such an interesting word? 

Lk 6:36-38

  • Father explains judgement! 

Mk 9:2-10

  • Father explains the dynamics of yesterday’s Gospel


  • (21:18)  – Devil and the Son of Man
  • (22:53) – Tourette syndrome 
  • (29:06) – Spiritual healing

Word of the Day: Angel (32:02)


  • (33:21) – In many languages there are two verbs for – to know vs English only has one. 
  • (36:09)- Was St. Anthony a Catholic? And where was the first Catholic monastery built?
  • (37:52) – Because Jesus is Mary’s son does it refer to Mary when we call him Son of Man? 
  • (39:23) – Tourette’s is not demonic. I’ve grown up with someone who had it and one of my children had it.
  • (43:09) – What is the best response as a Catholic community to the shootings that happened?
  • (47:24) – During the Last Supper when he says he won’t drink of the fruit of the wine until he’s in Heaven again but then and he drinks right before he dies? It seems contradictory.
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