News from Rome/Childcare costs more than college

2/14/24 6am CT Hour –  Ashley Noronha/Dr. Philip Harold

  • John and Glen chat about Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas being impeached, Republicans losing a House Seat, and the Kansas City Chiefs Celebration Parade today. They also share some Lenten practices suggestions.  
  • (14:47) Ashley shares about Today’s Papal audience, the traditional Papal Procession for Ash Wednesday, how Vatican Radio added a 51st language to its broadcasting … Mongolian, and how they celebrate the Feast of St. Valentine in Italy
  • (30:52) Dr. Harold shares how professional childcare has gotten to be very expensive, even more than college tuition and shares some tips for families on how to lower expenses related to childcare. He also encouraged parents and college kids to not be afraid of high college tuitions, with scholarships and other financial aids.
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