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Today, Relevant Radio invites you to experience a Catholic pilgrimage that goes all the way back to 1895, right here in the United States!

The National Eucharistic Congress began internationally, in 1880s France with tens of thousands of pilgrims. It hopped the pond to the United States in 1895 and has been hosted all over since. Millions of Catholics have gathered from Washington to Philadelphia, Omaha to Chicago to celebrate their faith – and there’s nothing quite like a Mass with 80,000 people. Drew Mariani will be there, and he has a special invitation for you to come, too!

Relevant Radio will be on-site for the whole five-day Congress with world-renowned speakers, a beautiful Eucharistic Procession, and an incredible opportunity to meet your favorite Catholic speakers, including myself, Patrick Madrid, Drew Mariani, and more. Take part in the graces of this once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage with Relevant Radio and find a place to stay, transportation, and more with our help. 

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