Preparing Your Heart for Lent with Fr. Matthew Spencer (Special Podcast Highlight)

Are you ready to have a grace-filled Lent? What will you plan to offer up or sacrifice? What extra prayers will you add?

Drew Mariani dives deep into the heart of Lent with Fr. Matthew Spencer, revealing secrets to make this season truly transformative. Here’s the lowdown:

Lent: Not Just Another Season: Drew kicks things off by reminding you that Lent isn’t just any time of the year—it’s a divine invitation to embrace God’s strong grace. Cardinal Raymond Burke calls it a time of “strong grace”, and boy, does he hit the nail on the head! This is your golden ticket to deepening your faith through the sacraments, prayer, and acts of charity. Ready to reboot your spiritual life? Think of Lent as your spiritual New Year!

The Pitfalls of Autopilot Catholicism: Fr. Matthew Spencer jumps in with a personal confession: after 45 Lents, he’s realized that going through the motions just doesn’t cut it. Ever found yourself recycling last year’s sacrifices? (“Goodbye, candy; see you next year!”) Fr. Spencer challenges us to break free from the routine and engage with Lent with full intentionality. Let’s tap into that strong grace Drew mentioned and make each Lenten sacrifice count!

A Life-Changing Pause: Fr. Spencer’s Turning Point: Fr. Spencer shares a heart-stopping moment from his past—a life-threatening brain injury that led him to discover the power of prayer and the Memorare. This brush with death wasn’t just a wakeup call; it was a divine nudge towards the priesthood and a deeper relationship with God. Through suffering and recovery, Fr. Spencer found his true calling. Talk about finding a silver lining in the darkest clouds!

Suffering: A Hidden Grace?: Drew and Fr. Spencer don’t shy away from the tough stuff. Suffering—nobody wants it, but it’s a powerful conduit for grace. St. Faustina and countless saints have shown us that embracing our crosses can transform us to be more like Christ. This Lent, let’s not waste our sufferings. Instead, let’s unite them with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Got pain? Offer it up and watch your spiritual life flourish!

The Holy Family: Our Suffering Role Models: Fr. Spencer points to the Holy Family as our ultimate guide in navigating suffering with grace. Mary and Joseph endured heartache and trials with unwavering faith. Their journey reminds us to bear our burdens patiently, discern God’s message in our trials, and surrender to His divine plan.

So, what’s the game plan, team? Are we going to “dial it in” or dive headfirst into this season of strong grace? Let’s make this Lent a time of intentional living, deep prayer, and transformative suffering, all while keeping our eyes fixed on the glory of the Resurrection. And hey, let’s not forget to keep Fr. Spencer and his mission in our prayers. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make this Lent one for the books! 

Drew Mariani is an award-winning journalist, writer and broadcaster. He currently hosts The Drew Mariani Show™ reaching a potential audience of 220 million people. His 3-hour daily program offers a unique insight on the most important issues of the day and a platform for dialogue with listeners and newsmakers.