“If I’m Not Required to Fast, Should I Fast Anyway?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Are you ready for the Lenten fast? This is a time to unplug from bodily comforts and to lean into those sacrifices which can carry us closer to the heart of Jesus. What are you planning on giving up for Lent, in addition to the fast on Fridays?

Remember that only people between the ages of 18-59 are required to fast. So, this brings up the question – should those who are younger or older than this age group still practice the penance?

Patrick Madrid shared his personal approach to fasting, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the spirit of the law rather than just the letter, suggesting that there is spiritual benefit to be gained from fasting, regardless of age.

He offered reassurance that while fasting is not obligatory for this age group, choosing to fast can still be seen as a meritorious act. He encouraged listeners to consider their health and well-being, suggesting that the intention behind the sacrifice is what truly matters.

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