Stay tuned for Damien of Molokai!

Thanks for joining us for the story of Saint Valentine! This coming Monday, venture into the tropics of Molokai with Jozef de Veuster – known more commonly as Damien of Molokai.

If you’re listening to our weekly Eucharistic Encounters series, you’ll be familiar with the story of Damien: he served the lepers in Hawai’i and started his years of service to the 800-person colony with a shipwreck. No boats would land in Molokai to hear his confessions, so he had to yell them out to sea for a passing priest to hear!

Damien was a Belgian missionary who volunteered to minister to the lepers, even after being told it was far too dangerous and he could contract the disease. He eventually did, but not before bringing the Sacraments and the hope of Christ to the leper colony, who insisted on his canonization shortly after his death in 1899.

He was canonized in 2009 and is the patron of those suffering from leprosy. Hear the powerful story of Damien’s venture into Molokai on Monday, February 19th, at



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