The Patrick Madrid Show: February 06, 2024 – Hour 2

  • Cecil – Was the bible written in Africa? (02:55)
  • Patricia – Is it okay to sell pews in the Church for First Communion? (12:23)
  • Robin (email) – After receiving Holy Communion and returning to the pew, when is the proper time to sit as opposed to kneeling?
  • Emily – One of my friends gave the Church $10,000 for the pew and gave it to who ever wanted it.
  • John – Regarding kneeling for communion. I think we should all receive on the tongue.
  • John – I go to a church that has elements of Protestantism. I don’t want to leave the Church but I’m not sure what should I do?
  • Jose – In our town we have two cemeteries but neither are Catholic. The priest blesses individual graves when he does burials.
  • Dominic – Is the book of Job historical?
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