What’s Up with Taylor Swift? (Special Podcast Highlight)

Drew dives in Fr. Dan Reehil into the enigmatic world surrounding Taylor Swift’s concerts and her sudden plunge into themes that are very questionable. As a parent, you may be concerned about the impact her music may have on your kids, and you wonder what you should do. 

There has been evidence of Taylor Swift’s concerts featuring not-so-subtle nods to witchcraft and the occult. You may have noticed a pattern of pop icons, including Swift, who quickly transition from innocence to inviting darker forces into their spotlight. ✨What’s behind it all? 

The Evidence? Ice Spice’s satanic hand gestures and Swift’s own lyrics hinting at lonely witches and onstage rituals that could pass for a modern-day coven meeting. This isn’t just showbiz; it’s a spiritual showdown, with Fr. Reehil pointing out the demonic risks these performances pose to the impressionable youth. 

The Verdict: While Taylor Swift’s heart remains a mystery, the outward signs are troubling enough. Fr. Reehil stresses the importance of guarding our souls and especially those of our young ones against such influential powers. Whether it’s real witchcraft or a theatrical mimic, it’s a spiritual roulette not worth inviting in. 

So, should your kids go to a Taylor Swift concert? Fr. Reehil suggests a firm “no”, advocating for entertainment that elevates the soul rather than risks ensnaring it. In a world where the enemy seeks to influence through much of the entertainment world, it’s time to tune our antennas to a higher frequency. 

Let’s keep our faith tuned and our spiritual armor polished, ready to deflect the darts of the enemy, one prayer at a time. 

Be sure to pray for Taylor to use her immense talent for good! 

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