“Why My Mom Named Me Guadalupe” (Family Rosary Across America)

Get ready to dive into another edition of The Family Rosary Across America with Fr. Rocky and Maggie Carozza.  🙏✨

First up, we have young Guadalupe, with a prayer request for her family to stick together and for her 23-year-old brother to resist temptations. Father reassures her that a sister’s prayers are a powerful shield against temptations. Plus, a little divine fun fact: Guadalupe is named after Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of a promise made by her mom. 🌹

Next, we’re rolling out the birthday carpet for Jack, a 9-year-old, whose birthday wish is a double scoop of prayer for his family and a slice of gratitude for his special day. Oh, and did we mention the cookie cake? That’s right, a cookie cake celebration that even angels would queue up for a slice! 🎂🎉

Then, shifting gears, we hear from Mary Beth in San Antonio, Texas. She brings us a praise report. After months of prayers from the community, Mary Beth’s latest medical check-up revealed no new tumors – a testament to the power of prayer and a reason for us all to give glory to God! 🙌💖

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