Coming Monday: Paul Miki

We hope the story of Edith Stein inspired you to live your faith more boldly! This week on “The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage,” we have a similar story that unfolded nearly three hundred years before Edith was born.

Paul Miki was a Japanese-born convert to the Catholic faith with a gift for speaking that brought about the conversions of many Buddhist-practicing Japanese. He lived an extraordinary life of courage, from his family’s conversion when he was young to his martyrdom, during which he continued to preach and sing praises to God. The place of his martyrdom, Nagasaki, now holds the largest Catholic population in Japan.

Paul is one of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan, canonized in the 1860s by Pope Pius IX. His feast is on February 6th, and he is the patron of the country he loved so deeply that he gave his life to bring Jesus to its people. Listen to his extraordinary mission on Monday, April 1st, at!


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