Coming Monday, the story of John Bosco!

This coming week on “The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage we leave the incredible foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and move to the patron of young children, students, publishers, and… magicians?

Tune in for the remarkable story of a Salesian priest devoted to love, apprenticeship, and the care-filled teaching of children: John Bosco.

Born in August of 1815, John Bosco was a writer, editor, and Catholic priest. He started as a farm hand and shepherd, and from a young age, it became clear to John that he was meant to be a priest. In a dream, he saw some children engaged in sin, and a man approached him, saying, “You will have to win these friends of yours… with gentleness and kindness…. Show them that sin is ugly and virtue beautiful.”

John Bosco spent his Marian-devoted ministry creating safe and positive places for children to be educated, especially those considered delinquents beyond help. After all, that was how he had started his own education!

Tune in to John Bosco’s story this coming Monday, March 18th, at to hear how he did such life-changing things.

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