Forgiveness & Covenants – March 5, 2024

Bible Study: (2:27)

Dn 3:25, 34-43

  • Father discusses doing the red and saying the black & our feelings at mass

Mt 18:21-35

  • Why was the servant unable to forgive? 


  • (29:02) – Where do we get translations of the Gospel? 
  • (32:25) – ‘Only begotten Son’ – is that the same way of saying ‘the same nature of God?’

Word of the Day: Covenant (30:00) Callers: 

  • (34:25) – A member of my parish owns a restaurant and is hosting a psychic, like having a psychic event.  Any obligation to approach the parishioner or the pastor?
  • (37:19) – How do you pray for people in purgatory?
  • (39:24) – I have a question about my mother-in-law who was catholic and married a man who was divorced. Is there a mortal sin issue there?
  • (45:06) – Is it alright to join two different parishes?
  • (47:00) – I had throat cancer and how I have lots of mucus – I was told I can use salt water to fix it – I’ve started using holy salt. Is this alright to do?
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