How to Improve your Marriage Without the Help of Your Spouse (Marriage Unhindered)

Every person can make their marriage just a little bit better, and you don’t even need your spouse’s help!

Doug Hinderer shares some helpful tips:

Champion the Friendship League 🏆: Kick off by deepening that friendship with your better half. How? Ditch the screens and dive into their world. Enjoy activities they love, indulge in their hobbies, and, yes, maybe even brave the bowling alley together (who can resist those fries, right?). The magic ingredient? Eye contact. It says, “I see you, and you’re my person.”

Kindness: The Secret Sauce: It’s simple – be kind. Shower them with affirmations and compliments like it’s confetti season. Focus on the positives, and make gratitude your daily bread. Remember, focusing on flaws is so passé; it’s all about celebrating their uniqueness.

Touch: More Than Just a High-Five 🤗: Embrace the power of touch – We’re talking hugs, handholding, and those little touches that say, “I’m here, and I love you.” Fun fact: Even dogs get why hugs are a big deal. Doug will explain!

Serve Like a Champion 🥇: Put their needs before yours. Yes, it’s challenging, but oh, so rewarding. Don’t keep score; it’s about uplifting each other. Embrace their quirks as chances to grow, not annoyances.

So, there you have it! 💕 Dive into these steps, one love-filled action at a time, and watch your marriage transform. Remember: the journey to a joyous marriage about a sacrificial love… and maybe a few bowling strikes. 🎳❤️

You can check out the whole episode, which may not be suitable for all ears.

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