Investigating Eucharistic Miracles (Morning Air)

John Morales investigates Eucharistic miracles with Fr. David Michael Moses!

🚀 First Stop: The Digital Altar of Blessed Carlo Acutis 🚀 Blessed Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager who had so much love for Jesus and the Holy Eucharist, made it his mission to document all verified Eucharistic miracles around the globe. His legacy lives on through his website, “Eucharistic Miracles of the World,” which catalogs over a hundred miracles, country by country.

🍞 What’s a Eucharistic Miracle, anyway? 🍞 Fr. David Michael breaks it down for us: Eucharistic miracles are extraordinary events where the appearance of the Eucharist changes. Typically, during Mass, the host still looks like bread and tastes like bread, while actually transforming to become Jesus. However, in these rare miracles, even the physical characteristics shift! The reality of Jesus in the Eucharist is seen first-hand!

🔍 The Church’s Detective Work 🔍 For a Eucharistic miracle to get the Vatican’s thumbs up, it undergoes a rigorous investigation. Bishops, scientists, and experts come together to ensure that the miracle is genuinely supernatural.

🌍 Why Does God Do It? 🌍 These miracles are meant to bolster our belief and remind us of the incredible miracle that happens at every Mass.

📖 Spotlight Miracle: Lanciano, Italy 📖 Fr. David Michael tells you more about the well documented event that happened in Lanciano. Picture this: a doubting priest witnessing a Eucharistic miracle… and scientific tests confirming it all. This occurrence is a tangible, visitable reality of the True Presence of Jesus.

Looking Forward: The Next Big Miracle🔮 A listener is buzzing with curiosity about a potential new miracle in Torrington, Connecticut, with real-time video evidence possibly capturing a miraculous moment of multiplication. The Church is on the case, and we’re all waiting with bated breath for updates.

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