Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off – March 7, 2024

Bible Study: (2:13)

Jer 7:23-28

  • The nation that does not listen…Father describes the jealousy of God


  • Molten gods
  • (22:55) – Bonhoeffer & cheap grace 
  • (24:35) – Galatians & abortion 
  • (26:48) – Tribes of Israel 
  • (28:24) – Last supper – where do we get the instructions to recreate the Mass? 

Word of the Day: You Beelzebub I say, Beelzebul, let’s call the whole thing off


  • (34:27) – Is it right for the priest to say the divine mercy before the prayer of the faithful?
  • (38:52) – When did Baptism become part of our religion? I know John the Baptist but I don’t understand when change really happened.
  • (40:26) – Other than Catholics, do other people need to get annulments to get divorced? 
  • (43:03) – In the Hail Holy Queen – do we say in this vale of tears or this valley of tears?
  • (44:27) – I had a question about what a priest said the other day. He said if you had meat this Friday you can’t take communion until you go to confession. Is this right?
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