Marriage Unhindered – March 30, 2024 – Special Holy Saturday Show

How does the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross relate to Marriage? Doug emphasizes 6 points to help your marriage thought this show.

(10:51) – Steve – I’ve been married for 37 years; I’m going through a lot of pain.  We haven’t had much of a marriage for 16 years, been through counseling, retrouvaille.  My wife doesn’t want to live as husband/wife anymore.  What to do?

(18:34) Break 1

(23:59) – Jim – Two marriages that were exceptionally good.  Mom/Dad were 59 years, and I was married for 52 years, and they were both joyful events.  My wife passed away 4 months ago.

(31:30) Break 2

Mary – How I could best train my husband to be a better husband? Been married 17 years, we were both in our 40s, don’t have children.

(36:13) Martha – I was wondering where and when emotional abuse has occurred, what view does the Catholic Church have in terms of divorcing b/c of that?

Pamela – We’ve been married 42 years, got married young.  He was verbally abusive, had an affair, but we stayed together.  25 years in, I discovered the affair.

Jennifer – My husband and I hare having an argument about selling our house or keeping it, and what are we to do?

Come back next week to get the rest of the 6 tips from Doug!