Should Your Lenten Penance Remain on Sundays? (The Patrick Madrid Show)

If you’re wondering if you need to include your Lenten sacrifice on Sundays, hear what Patrick has to say! Also, Brad is also wondering what day is considered to be the last day of Lent.

End Date of Lent

Patrick clarified that Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and wraps up on the evening of Holy Thursday. This marks the beginning of the Triduum, the sacred three days leading up to Easter Sunday. This period is set apart from Lent and ushers in the climax of the liturgical season.

The Role of Sundays in Lent

Patrick explained that including Sundays in the count does not align with the traditional calculation of the 40 days. So, does this mean you should relax your Lenten penance on Sundays?

Sundays are celebrated as the Lord’s Day, where you enjoy special rest. While it is more traditional to maintain Lenten disciplines throughout the entire period, including Sundays, contemporary practices often see believers relaxing their Lenten sacrifices on Sundays. There is no official Church doctrine or teaching on this, and you are free to discern what’s best for you in your Lenten journey.

What do you and your family do on Sundays? Does the “chocolate fast” stay or go?

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