The Miraculous Intercession of St. Joseph (The Drew Mariani Show)

How has St. Joseph helped you? Has he answered a need? Whenever you need heavenly protection, turn to St. Joseph

👨‍👧‍👦 St. Joseph: The Silent Protector 

St. Joseph is a powerhouse of intercession, a guardian of the Universal Church, and a spiritual father to all. Dr. Mark Miravalle shares insights from his book, Meet Your Spiritual Father, revealing the depths of St. Joseph’s role in our spiritual lives and how he continues to safeguard and guide the Church and its faithful.

🙏 Miracles, Protection, and Prayers Answered

Listeners shared jaw-dropping stories of St. Joseph’s intercession – from finding homes to miraculous spiritual guidance. These testimonials are real-life evidence of St. Joseph’s powerful patronage in action.

💡 St. Joseph: The Go-To Guy for the Impossible

Need a job? Safe housing? Protection? St. Joseph’s your man! His earthly experiences, like seeking refuge for his family, make him uniquely attuned to our needs. Dr. Miravalle and Drew delve into why specificity in prayer can bring about astonishing results and why, in today’s tumultuous times, St. Joseph’s role is more crucial than ever.

🛡️ A Heavenly Call to Arms

Dr. Miravalle highlighted St. Joseph’s pivotal role in the ultimate triumph of the Church and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, emphasizing the urgent need for his intercession in our lives and world today. With moral breakdowns, natural disasters, and global crises, St. Joseph stands as a spiritual warrior for our times.

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