VP Harris Visits Abortion Clinic / The Transcendental Power of Beauty

Hour 1 of The Drew Mariani Show on 3-14-24

  • Drew takes us through a number of news headlines in the News Roundup: Chuck Schumer calls out Israel PM, Putin’s nuclear threat, and the dangers of DEI
  • Brian Gibson tells us about Pro-Life Action Ministry’s efforts in Minnesota, where they face an uphill battle against the prevailing liberal agendas — particularly in light of VP Kamala Harris’ visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul MN
  • Anthony Visco joins us for a look at the power of beauty — and how our modern culture has shirked from upholding this transcendental good… often in favor of the drab and casual
  • Catholic Art Workshops | Anthony Visco / Artist | Philadelphia (anthonyviscoartist.com)
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