What Does the Church Say About the Rapture? (The Patrick Madrid Show)

If you’ve ever been caught in a tropical storm of confusion about the rapture… 🌪️️ Patrick Madrid is here to set the record straight. He’s here to debunk those Left Behind myths faster than you can say “pre-tribulation”! 📚💥

🔍 The Highlights:

  • The Book to End All Confusion: Carl Olson’s “Will Catholics Be Left Behind?” is your go-to guide. It’s like the GPS through the biblical maze surrounding the Rapture. 📖✨
  • Rapture 101: Forget the Hollywood version. The Catholic position is that there’s no rapture before the tribulations kick in. 🎥🚫
  • Words Matter: Thanks to St. Jerome, “rapiemur” (Latin for “caught up”) became “rapture” in English. So, yes, there will be a rapture, but it’s more of a complete final ending on the very last day.

Patrick assures you that when it comes to the rapture, it’s all about Jesus’ return. So, next time someone tries to sell you a ticket for an early rapture, just smile, wave, and remember: the best is yet to come. 🌊😇

🎬 Extra Divine Content: Craving more? Dive into Carl Olson’s videos on YouTube for some binge-worthy enlightenment. Perfect for sharing with those in your life who might prefer visuals over the written word. 📺🍿

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