Behold the Lamb (The Faith Explained)

In this intriguing podcast of “The Faith Explained” hosted by Cale Clarke, we get into the series titled “Behold the Lamb.” You can get the whole episode here.

Cale opens your eyes to the fascinating evolution of the Passover celebration from its ancient roots to its practice during the time of Jesus. Originally established during the Exodus under Moses, the Passover had undergone significant changes over fifteen centuries, transforming into a complex liturgical celebration by the time of Jesus’ last supper.

Dr. Brant Pitre through his book “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist,” enlightens you on these changes. The shift from home-based sacrifices to centralized rituals in the Jerusalem Temple represents a critical transformation.

Cale discusses how the Jewish Passover, originally a home ritual led by family patriarchs, evolved into a Temple-centric ceremony led by Levite priests. This centralized form of worship meant that during Passover, Jerusalem was swarmed by thousands of pilgrims, making it a logistical and security nightmare for Roman governors like Pilate.

Another mind-blowing revelation comes from the Jewish historian Josephus, who notes that during Jesus’ time, an astonishing 256,500 lambs were sacrificed for Passover, involving up to 2.7 million people. Can you only imagine the crowds??

Cale reveals how the Passover lambs were not just sacrificed but were crucified in a manner that vividly prefigures Christian crucifixion. This practice, as supported by Israeli scholar Joseph Tabory and St. Justin Martyr, involved lambs being affixed to crosses made of wood, mirroring the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Cale touches on the post-70 AD Jewish experience where, with the Temple destroyed, the Passover and other sacrifices could no longer be performed as prescribed by Mosaic Law. This shift led to a transformation in Jewish worship, analogous to the differences between Catholic and Protestant worship styles.

You’ll be shocked to hear some of these revelations! 

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