Fr. Robert Spitzer on the Resurrected Body (The Drew Mariani Show)

Drew Mariani talked with Fr. Robert Spitzer on the topic of the resurrected body. The discussion offered profound insights into what it means for the human soul and body beyond death, influenced by both theological perspectives and near-death experiences.

Fr. Spitzer, a distinguished scholar from the Magis Center, shared that upon death and entry into the heavenly realm, all forms of suffering cease immediately. This cessation of pain is not limited to the physical; psychological burdens are lifted as well. Importantly, any physical deficiencies, like impaired eyesight, are restored, reflecting a state of wholeness that perhaps was intended for every individual but was marred by earthly limitations.

The conversation then delved into the nature of the resurrected body as illustrated by Jesus Christ’s post-resurrection appearances. A recurring theme in these biblical accounts is the transformative quality of the resurrected body — it is not merely a return to physical life but an elevation to a glorified state. This body is imperishable, glorious, and possesses abilities far beyond our current physical limitations.

Drawing from St. Paul’s letters, particularly 1 Corinthians 15, Fr. Spitzer emphasized that the resurrected body is a “spiritual body.” This term does not denote a lack of physicality but rather a body that is fully subject to the spirit, transcending earthly limitations. It is a body marked by power, glory, and immortality.

Fr. Spitzer explored the fascinating parallels between near-death experiences and the descriptions of the resurrected body found in scripture. Individuals who have undergone near-death experiences often report a sense of peace, a detachment from physical constraints, and encounters with a domain of overwhelming beauty and love. These accounts, while not fully capturing the eschatological promises of Christianity, provide a glimpse into the transition from physical death to spiritual life.

Father also touched on the mystery of Christ’s post-resurrection appearances, where even his closest followers did not immediately recognize him. This, according to Fr. Spitzer, underscores the transformed and glorified nature of the resurrected body, capable of being beyond our earthly comprehension and yet fully real and tangible.

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