Heavenly Warnings & Earthly Tragedies: The Heartbreak of the Rwandan Genocide (The Drew Mariani Show)

🌌 A Divine Warning Ignored: Dive into the heart-wrenching narrative of the Rwandan Genocide, an appalling massacre where time seemed to race against humanity itself – 333 lives lost every hour, 5 lives every minute, 8,000 souls a day. A staggering reminder of human cruelty at its peak.

👼 A Heavenly Visitor in Rwanda: The Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title “Mother of the Word,” descended upon Rwanda in 1981, years before the genocide. She appeared to seven young visionaries, echoing her visits in Fatima and Champion, WI. bringing with her urgent messages for humanity.

🕊️ Messages of Urgency and Hope: Mary’s apparitions, approved by the Church, were not mere celestial visits but carried apocalyptic warnings wrapped in calls for repentance. The apparitions told of a future soaked in blood and violence, prefiguring the Rwandan Genocide’s horrors with uncanny accuracy.

🚨 The Prophecy of Kibeho: These messages, dismissed by many at the time, proved prophetic when in 1994, Rwanda descended into a dark vortex of violence following the president’s assassination. The Marian apparitions’ warnings, mirroring events leading to the genocide, show the importance of divine messages and the consequences of ignoring them.

🌍 A Call to the World: The Virgin’s messages, while foretelling Rwanda’s tragedy, were not limited to its borders but extended globally, emphasizing repentance, conversion, and a closer relationship with God. Amid the chaos, Mary’s messages remain a call to action for the entire world.

🙏 Prayer Power Amidst the recounting of these harrowing events, Drew Mariani emphasized the power of prayer- the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Seven Sorrows Rosary.

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