How Could Jewish Liturgy Reveal Jesus? (Father Simon Says)

Fr. Richard Simon tackles a pretty deep question from John in Scottsdale about how ancient Jews were aware that their rituals and laws pointed to Christ, especially when modern Christians often rely on theologians to make these connections. How would they have been able to understand these concepts?

🧐 Insightful Perspectives: Father explains that ancient peoples had a unique educational advantage: without modern distractions like TVs and smartphones, they were adept at focusing and memorizing extensive texts, such as the book of Leviticus. This intense focus and memorization allowed them to internalize complex religious laws from a young age, much like a little Jewish boy he observed explaining kosher laws to his sister.

📜 Deep Dive into Historical Context: Fr. Simon explains how ancient Jews, deeply embedded in a Roman Empire where about 8-10% of the populace was Jewish, had their customs widely recognized. This visibility helped facilitate a deeper understanding and observance of their religious laws, which were also observed and respected by their non-Jewish neighbors.

🔍 The Symbolic Meaning of Sacrifice: Father mentions the evolution of religious practices from being transactional — like ancient voodoo — to being moral and ethical under Jewish law, culminating in the teachings of Jesus. This shift from appeasing malevolent spirits with offerings to embracing a life of ethical sacrifice shows a profound transformation in human religious practice.

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