“How Do We Know that Jesus Didn’t Have Siblings?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Madison from Utah, converting from Mormonism to Catholicism, wrestles with a Protestant pal’s claim that Jesus had biological siblings, sparked by a reference in Mark 6:3. 🤔

Patrick Madrid highlights that while the Bible names James, Joseph, Simon, and Jude as “brothers” of Jesus, these terms in Biblical times weren’t strictly for full siblings—think cultural context! 🌍 In the Aramaic lingo of the day, “brother” could refer to any close kin—like cousins or even close family friends.

Patrick reinforces Mary’s perpetual virginity, a belief held tight from the earliest days of Church teachings. 🌟 He points out peculiarities like why, if Mary had other kids, would Jesus entrust her to John at the cross? It wouldn’t make sense if she had other sons!

Patrick recommends looking into Tim Staples’ book, “Behold Your Mother,” for more on this topic. 📚

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