How Should You Pray? (Father Simon Says)

How do you like to pray? What draws you closer to God?

Praying the Rosary? Meditative prayer?

In an episode of Father Simon Says, Adelso dives into the heart of prayer with a straightforward yet profound question: “Fr. Simon, how should I pray mentally or vocally?” Father talks about the essence of prayer as not just a rule-bound tradition but a dynamic conversation with God.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Prayer Dynamics: Father Simon describes prayer as a “lifting of the mind and heart to God,” emphasizing that it can either be structured or spontaneous. Each form has its own unique value in your spiritual arsenal.
  • The Power of Structure: He recommends structured prayers (like the Liturgy of the Hours) for providing a skeleton to our spiritual routine, especially helpful after a long day.
  • The Joy of Spontaneity: On the flip side, Fr. Simon cherishes those unscripted, freewheeling conversations with God, where one can “talk His ear off.”
  • A Beautiful Symbiosis: He likens structured prayers to the bones and spontaneous prayers to the muscles of a body, showing that both are necessary for a robust spiritual life.
  • Respecting the Space: Importantly, Father advises on prayer etiquette, especially like when you’re in church. He urges respect for others’ prayer modes—speaking when others are vocal, and maintaining silence around those who prefer quiet contemplation.

Fr. Simon’s approach invites us to view prayer not as a one-size-fits-all activity but as a personalized dialogue with God. So next time you’re unsure about how to pray, remember: whether you structure your prayers or spill them spontaneously, the ultimate goal is lifting your heart to God in a way that resonates with your spirit and respects those around you. Amen to that! 🙏💬

Jake Moore serves as a Digital Audio Content Producer for Relevant Radio®. He is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and is passionate about classic movies, Christian music, young adult ministry, and leading this generation to Christ through compelling media. You can listen to more of his podcasts at and on the Relevant Radio® app.