Marriage Unhindered – April 13, 2024 – Divorce: w/ Special Guest Bob Atwell

  • Bot Atwell joins Doug to discuss growing up in a divorced home.

(19:36) Break 1

  • Linda – Divorce affects even grown children. Divorce is very hard. Linda is divorced.
  • Susanna – What about children that grew up / are growing up in a situation where the parents are always fighting?
  • (33:51) Gavin – Widower – Any information on children that grow up in single parent household where the other parent is deceased.

(36:55) Break 2

  • Teresa – Was married for 38 years and husband just left. Has 7 kids. Husband was molested as a kid. What saved wife was rejoice married ministries.
  • Leslie – Wants to comment on staying together for the kids. Make a commitment to work on the marriage.
  • (43:25) Advice for parents who are considering divorce and advice for children who have divorced parents.