Marriage Unhindered – April 20, 2024 – Part 2 – Divorce: w/ Special Guest Bob Atwell

Part 2: Bob Atwell re-joins Doug to discuss divorce.

(16:36) Break 1

  • Caller – Anne – Oregon – Should I divorce my husband? I get different opinions from different priests. I married a man who is Catholic but now, 30 years later God is not in his life. He is a narcissist. Everything is all about money and football.
  • Caller – Belle – My husband and I are living like roommates. I want to go to counseling, but he does not. There is no romance and he is emotionally unavailable. How can you help?
  • Caller – Matt – Do you know anyone who can help? I have been falsely accused and my kids were taken away and I can’t take them to Church.


(37:27) Break 2

  • Joe – The good that comes from counseling. My wife and I were going through marriage counseling and I was diagnosed with ADD and then everything made more sense and it really helped our marriage survive.
  • Doug and Bob – Closing comments.