Navigating Conflict in Marriage (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

How can you and your spouse better resolve conflict? Get the whole episode here!

Patrick Conley chats with Fr. Dave Heney, as they offer golden nuggets of advice for all couples sailing in the sea of matrimony.

Become an Expert on Your Spouse: Fr. Dave emphasizes the importance of understanding your partner’s triggers. By becoming highly attuned to what annoys or irritates your spouse, you can anticipate potential conflicts before they even arise.

🚫 Hold That Tongue When Angry: One of the key takeaways is the absolute no-no of discussing heated issues while angry. Fr. Dave strongly advises against trying to resolve conflicts in the heat of the moment, as this often leads to regrettable words.

🕒 Time Out Before Talk: Instead of escalating the situation, take a pause. Fr. Dave suggests tabling the discussion until both spouses have cooled down, which can sometimes mean revisiting the topic after some time has passed, like after dinner.

👂 Listen Like Your Love Depends on It: A big no-no in conversations? Interrupting! Fr. Dave calls for discipline in communication, stressing the power of listening fully before responding, signaling deep respect and validation for your spouse’s feelings.

Dig Deeper with “Why”: Beyond just understanding what your spouse says, Fr. Dave recommends exploring why they feel a certain way. This approach fosters a deeper emotional connection and can even turn a disagreement into a moment of closeness.

🔇 Silence Isn’t Golden: Contrary to some beliefs, giving the silent treatment doesn’t solve anything but rather compounds the hurt. Open, respectful dialogue is portrayed as a conduit of love, much like how God’s word is described as a revelation of His love for us.

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