The Patrick Madrid Show: April 29, 2024 – Hour 3

  • (0:36) Jeff – About the road to Emmaus – How did they recognize the breaking of the bread when it had only started a few days before with just the 12 in the upper room?
  • Mary Jane – Why is Mary free from sin when she has human parents and where in the bible does it say that she is free from sin?
  • (19:55) Break 1
  • Patrick shares how Mary is the new ark of the covenant. Patrick shares this article for you to check out.
  • (29:33) Paul – when did the western church start changing the date of easter. Eastern Orthodox easter is coming up soon. Why did they change things?
  • Aubrey – Is there any proof that Jesus was born on the 25th?
  • Esmeralda – Did Jesus go to hell or purgatory to take people to Heaven? or did purgatory only exist after Jesus died for us?
  • (38:29) Break 2
  • Michael – is William lane Craig a good apologist?
  • (40:42) Daisy – I have an adult godchild who is asking for help finding a place for her and her boyfriend to live. what am I allowed to help with and what am I not? I know it’s not good.
  • Becca – my friend isn’t married but has 4 kids. In RCIA she heard that she doesn’t need to be married as long as she is having the kids in love. What do I say to that?
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