What’s Behind the Anti-Israel Protests? (Morning Air)

John Morales talked with Roy Schoeman, a Jewish convert to Catholicism and an authority on Jewish-Catholic relations. The focus? The wave of anti-Israel protests sweeping through U.S. college campuses, from Columbia University to Yale. It’s a hot topic that’s been causing quite a stir and Roy brought some fascinating insights to the table.

Roy highlighted the structured nature of these protests, pointing out the significant influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially through groups like the Muslim Students Association, which has a strong presence on over 600 campuses. This extensive network seems to be a key reason why these protests seem so pervasive and intense.

But John and Roy didn’t just talk logistics and affiliations. They looked into the deeper reasons behind the tensions, examining the historical and theological friction between Islam and Judaism. He explained how the Muslim philosophy wants total eradication of Israel. John and Roy also discussed how the media often portrays these events, suggesting that what we see in the news doesn’t always tell the whole story.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the headlines or curious about the Jewish roots of our Catholic faith, Roy’s insights offered clarity and a call for deeper understanding. He passionately advocated for Israel, helping us to realize that they have been God’s chosen people in bringing about the fullness of our faith.

If you’re looking to explore these issues further, Roy’s resources on his YouTube channel Jewish Catholic and his book Salvation is from the Jews are great starting points.

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