Compassion, Mercy, & Marriage – May 24, 2024

Bible Study: (1:52)

Jas 5:9-12

  • The Lord is compassionate and merciful 

Mk 10:1-12

  • Why is today’s Gospel controversial?


  • (23:16) – Love your enemies 
  • (24:58) – Holy Spirit in the Jewish faith
  • (26:58) – Moral to produce comfort in difficult times? 
  • (31:00) – Does the Guardian angels stay with us forever? 
  • (31:00) – Apostles on Holy Saturday
  • (33:27) – Peter, do you love me question? 

Word of the Day: Arminius & Baptism (35:04)


  • (40:26) – At Mass, is it equal to offer intentions in your heart oppose to asking the priest to offer the intention?
  • (41:27) – Can I say, “I don’t know” to a request? 
  • (44:29) – What do you think of the sign of peace, when everybody is shaking hands with everybody, and is it okay for me to ignore people and just focus on Christ?
  • (49:41) – About the single life and if that’s really a vocation in the Church?
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