From Wounded to Whole: Rediscovering Your True Identity in Christ! (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Are you struggling with wounds that are causing pain in your life? They might be unresolved from childhood. Christ wants to set you free. 

Patrick Conley visits with Fr. John Eckert. The focus? Healing from deep wounds and rediscovering our identity as beloved children of God. Get the whole episode here.

🔹 Confession & Counseling: Pathways to Healing Fr. Eckert emphasizes the power of confession as a healing sacrament. Talking to a priest, a religious figure, or a good counselor can significantly aid in processing and healing wounds.

🔹 Christ’s Ultimate Sacrifice Christ’s love, demonstrated through the crucifixion, serves as the ultimate sign of God’s enduring love. Despite the tidal wave of sin and evil, Jesus’ love remains unshaken. His sacrifice is a powerful reminder of our worth and identity as children of God.

🔹 Inviting Christ into Our Wounds Fr. Eckert encourages inviting Jesus into our wounds, asking for His grace to heal and rise above the pain. Through persistent prayer and seeking Christ’s light in our darkest moments, healing becomes possible.

🔹 The Litany of Trust Have you prayed a beautiful prayer by the Sisters of Life? It’s called The Litany of Trust, and it helps in regaining trust in Jesus, asking for deliverance from fears and false securities, and reinforcing the belief that Jesus is with us in all our struggles.

🔹 Letting Go of Hatred Harboring hatred and grudges is likened to taking poison and expecting the other person to suffer. Fr. Eckert stresses the importance of forgiving, not by excusing the evil done but by entrusting the person who hurt us to Jesus, the divine physician. This act of handing over helps in breaking the cycle of hurt and fostering genuine healing.

🔹 Practical Steps to Healing

Ask Jesus for Healing: Continuously offer your wounds to Him and let His light shine on them.

Avoid Holding Grudges: Recognize the humanity and brokenness of those who have hurt you.

Pray for Those Who Hurt You: Even if you don’t want them to be your friend, start by not wishing them eternal harm.

Through these steps, healing becomes a journey of rediscovering our true identity in Christ. Trust in His love and allow His light to transform your wounds into sources of grace and strength. 🌟🙏✨

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