How Can Mary Increase Your Devotion to the Eucharist? (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Mary can help you love our Lord in the Eucharist even more! How?

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Patrick Conley chats with Fr. Tim Wyciskalla. He kicks off the discussion with a historical nugget about the Middle Ages, where guilds (the precursors to modern unions) each revered a patron saint relevant to their craft. Surprisingly, it wasn’t St. Joseph who was the go-to saint for carpenters, despite his known background in carpentry, but St. Anne, Mary’s mother. Why? Because St. Anne represented the pinnacle of craftsmanship in creating the finest “tabernacle” – Mary herself.

This ties into how Mary is seen as the original tabernacle. She carried Jesus within her for nine months and introduced Him to the world. Fr. Tim points out that every Eucharist celebration echoes Mary’s presence, standing by Jesus from His incarnation to the cross. Her role is pivotal, not as a distraction but as a profound enhancement of our Eucharistic devotion.

As the Church anticipates a Eucharistic revival, Father argues that Marian devotion is intrinsically linked to our Eucharistic faith, reinforcing and intensifying our focus on Christ’s presence. The story of the carpenters guild, as told by Fr. Tim, is a reminder of how deeply Mary influences our sacramental practices, guiding and enriching our journey towards Christ.

So, let’s remember to invite Mary into our hearts and prayers, especially during moments of Eucharistic adoration, allowing her to nurture our devotion to her Son, ensuring our spiritual encounters are not only deepened but truly transformed.

💖 Let’s carry Mary with us, not just in the Adoration Chapel, but in every step of our faith journey!

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