Marriage Unhindered – May 18, 2024 – Disciplining Children Together.

Special guest Monica Hinderer joins Doug to discuss the topic of raising children as a united front.

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Doug discusses 3 points on how to help you raise your children.

  • (4:51) – Determine the end and keep it in sight when raising kids.
  • (9:17) – how to motivate your child when disciplining
  • (10:15) – virtues to raise your child by: Fortitude, Prudence, Chastity

(19:01) Break 1

  • How do you align with your spouse on raising your children.
  • (23:06) – Matthew – Experience with daughter and how smart phones can cause a lot of issues.
  • (31:09) – why you shouldn’t always be right as the parent
  • (32:54) – James – Comment about the value of sports for children and the pros and cons – Some kids on teams don’t play.

(36:07) Break 2

  • Doug shares an email from Gary about some marriage problems in raising their grandchild.
  • (42:27) – Understand your spouse’s perspective and understand why you care?