“Would Martin Luther be a Catholic If He Were Alive Today?” (The Patrick Madrid Show)

In this episode of The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick chats with John, a doctor from Orlando, about Martin Luther and his impact on the Catholic Church. Here are the highlights:

👨‍⚕️ John’s Question: John talks about trying to bring his Protestant patients, especially Lutherans, back to Catholicism. He suggests that if Martin Luther were alive today, he might return to the Catholic Church, noting that Luther originally respected sacraments and devotions. He wants to know if this was accurate.

🗣️ Patrick’s Take:

Luther’s True Intentions: Patrick strongly believes Luther wanted to destroy the Catholic Church entirely, becoming a “fanatical hater” over the years. He thinks using Luther as an example of a potential Catholic isn’t helpful since it’s just guessing.

Conversion Stories: Instead of focusing on Luther, Patrick recommends sharing stories of people who have recently converted to Catholicism. These real-life testimonies are powerful and relatable, showing how the truth of the Catholic faith transforms lives.

🚫 Luther’s Legacy: Patrick calls Luther a “disaster on stilts,” driven by personal guilt and scrupulosity, leading to his flawed doctrine of justification by faith alone. This doctrine, Patrick explains, wrongly suggests that righteousness is just “imputed” rather than transforming the person.

📚 Look to the Church Fathers: For effective evangelization, Patrick advises looking at the early Church Fathers and their teachings to show the Catholic Church’s authentic foundation and continuity from Christ’s time.

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