Marriage Unhindered – May 25, 2024 – How To Live With A Difficult Spouse

Doug discusses the example of St. Rita and how to handle being married to a difficult person

  • (4:58) Dynamic Catholic – Surrender our will to God
  • (8:30) Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence
  • (14:46) CALLER – Michael – I was struggling in my marriage for a long time but what helped me out was a book Lila Miller has called impossible marriages redeemed.

(16:34) Break 1

  • (18:04) CALLER – Dave – I think that Satan is working on me. My wife is amazing, but I get nervous when things are too good. What should I do?
  • (23:21) CALLER – Robin – We have been married many years but there are many troubles in our marriage. He struggles with addictions and goes from one addiction to another. I feel terrible because it is affecting our adult children. What should I do?
  • (31:30) – St. Rita of Untiring Patience

(35:43) BREAK 2

  • (36:34) Emails – Adrian. Wife has anger issues.
  • (40:34) Email – Hannah – Husband moved out. Husband not interested. Hannah wants to move on
  • (44:29) St. Rita of Untiring Patience (pt. 2)
  • (46:03) St. Rita, mirror for Christian spouses