St. Paul’s World – May 16, 2024

Bible Study: (1:50)

Acts 22:30; 23:6-11

  • Paul’s cultural context 


  • (18:45) – Who was St. Jude’s mother? 
  • (20:48) – Praying to the saints
  • (22:43) – The Bee Gee’s 
  • (23:30) – Choosing my name as grandmother
  • (25:18) – Time in purgatory 
  • (27:36) – Praying directly to God 
  • (31:17) – I accidentally dropped Holy Communion

Word of the Day: Just! (35:13)


  • (38:17) – My husband died this morning and he is being cremated. Do I HAVE to follow the Catholic view of cremation since he was protestant?
  • (43:02) – Verse in the Bible that Jesus said, ‘you are baptized, you will gain eternal life’ (Mark 16:16). 
  • (46:00) – Mary Magdalene mistaking Jesus for the gardener?
  • (50:02) – When we’re praying for the deceased, imagine the magnitude in the heavenly realm, how these prayers are lifted up?
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