This Monday, on “The Saints”: Moses the Black

Coming up this week, on “The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage,” we’re getting to know the story of a Desert Father with an incredible conversion: Moses the Black.

Moses was born in the year 330 AD in Ethiopia and was a slave to a government official until he was dismissed for suspected crimes. He spent years as part of a robbery gang and eventually led it due to his strength and his daring work. That is, until he encountered the dog that changed his life in the Nile Valley.

As he tried to rob one particular house, their dog caught wind of him and started barking. When he tried again, the dog found him once more and the owner escaped harm from Moses. He stole some of the owner’s sheep as revenge on his dog, selling their fleeces, and ultimately hid from authorities in Scetis (also called Wadi El-Natrun), a desert city of monks.

Moses soon found himself impacted by the peaceful monks’ way of life. He converted to Christianity and was baptized in Scetis not long after!

But how did this adventurous former robber amend his ways? And did he ever truly escape his former life in the Nile Valley? Find out on Monday, June 3rd at!

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