What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual AND Religious? (The Inner Life with Patrick Conley)

Patrick Conley talks with Fr. John Paul Erickson on a topic that’s been buzzing for decades: “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” But hold on! Fr. Erickson dives deep to explain why being religious is just as crucial as being spiritual. 🕊️

Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into why being both spiritual and religious can transform your faith journey! 🎧✨


Religion as a Virtue:
Fr. Erickson sheds light on how religion is more than just rituals. It’s a virtue of justice, where we give God His due honor. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, it’s about fulfilling our obligations to God with ease and worthiness. 🌟

The Justice of Worship:
Our duties to God, including attending Sunday Mass, are not just for personal gain but because God deserves it. He’s given us everything, and our worship is a matter of justice. ⚖️

Balancing Spirituality and Religion:
Patrick and Fr. Erickson discuss the common objection: “I can worship God on a nature walk.” While this acknowledges spirituality, Fr. Erickson emphasizes that God has shown us specific ways He wants to be worshipped, particularly through the Mass. 🌲⛪

Overcoming Distrust:
They tackle the modern skepticism toward organized religion, often seen as hypocritical or merely man-made. Fr. Erickson acknowledges the real challenges and moral failures but urges a deeper understanding of the divine directives given by God Himself. 💔🙏

Hear from caller Marcus who shares his faith upbringing as he struggles to understand how religion is not just man-made rituals. Father encourages him to consider how the Catholic Church was instituted by Jesus, not some random person.

Making Faith Attractive:
Morna from Orange County stresses the importance of authentic Christian living. It’s about embodying love, joy, and holiness to be a true living witness of the Gospel.

Key Takeaway:
Being “just spiritual” is a start, but it’s not the full picture. Religion, in its true form, is about justice, community, and following the guidance given to us. It’s about transforming that spiritual spark into a blazing fire of faith that honors God and enriches our lives. 🔥🙌

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