When Did the Fall Actually Happen? (Father Simon Says)

Have you ever been pressured by a loved one to go against God’s will?

Adam can relate.

Fr. Richard Simon answers a question from Roy, who’s curious about when the fall in the Garden of Eden actually happened. Roy is confused about whether the fall occurred when Eve ate the forbidden fruit, when Adam ate it, or after both had eaten.

Fr. Simon explains that the fall happened when Adam ate the fruit, since by that point, both had already eaten. He talks about Adam’s role in the garden, saying Adam was supposed to take care of it, as suggested by the Hebrew word “shamar,” meaning to guard or keep.

Fr. Simon also mentions that Adam and Eve were meant to look out for each other, and Adam didn’t do his job in protecting the garden and his wife. He discusses the serpent talking to Adam and Eve, saying the devil was speaking through it. Fr. Simon shares a fascinating story about Blessed Solanus Casey, who could reportedly calm bees, to show that talking animals in the Bible might not be so far-fetched.

In the end, Fr. Simon suggests that by eating the fruit, Adam might have chosen Eve’s suggestion over God’s command. He brings up the struggle of putting God’s will above the advice of loved ones, and he reflects on the idea that loving others truly means loving and honoring God above all.

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